Some truths….

……. about Candace

  • Communicator of Love
  • Lives in Canada
  • Capricorn, born on Christmas day
  • Grandmother of 10
  • Great grandmother of 1
  • Loves to play
  • Deep connection to Mother Earth
  • Loves and lives in the country
  • Left high end management in 2011 to become a communicator of love
  • Survivor of trauma, near death experience
  • Adventurer, explorer
  • Curious
  • Metaphysical Minister
  • Graduated college at the age of 63 with honours in Native Child & Family Services
  • Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master , Acupressure Practitioner, Reflexologist, Black Pearl Practitioner
  • Certificate in Indigenous Cultural Safety Training – Advanced Illness, Palliative Care, and Grief
  • Certificate in Reconciliation Education – First Nations University of Canada
  • Registered with Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry
  • Certificate in Palliative Care – Heart House Hospice
  • Certificate – End of Life Therapy
  • Walks barefoot, gazes at the stars , the moon, loves to sit by a fire
  • Enjoys every season
  • Writes poetry
  • Loves to dog sit, pet sit – they melt my heart
  • Loves to camp

“You Are the LIGHT of the WORLD” – Jesus

I was ordained July 2017 – Metaphysical Minister

My Declaration….

Only Love is Real – by Candace Hawkshaw

Interesting those Triggers
Old thoughts
Unhealed wounds
Only Love is Real

Speak your truth
Hear your Heart
What do you Fear
Only love is Real

Only Love is Real

Be Free
Be Still
Only Love is Real

Hear your Spirit
Not your Ego
And it;s Schemes
Only Love is Real

Ego is in the Past
Spirit is in the present
Seeking Peace
Only love is Real

Intention is Pure
Only Love is Real

Truth is deep within
Go deep and see
What barriers stop you
Only Love is Real

Love a call for Love
No expectations
No control of outcomes
Only Love is Real

I was ordained on July 2017 - My Declaration

Highly Recommend

Such an amazing experience!I highly recommend a Black Pearl session with Candace. My intention was to feel more focused and to reset my intentions as sometimes life can get a little to hectic! Now, as the following weeks have gone by, the black pearl session is allowing me to operate from the intentions I set. Like it has awoken every cell in my body to open up with light! Words really can not nearly explain this experience. I am excited for more Black Pearl Sessions with Candace in the future! Thank you Candace ❤️