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Harmony Touch Fusion Method is a technique that came together over a period of 25 years as a Weaver of Love. It has transformed into a diverse approach encompassing various tools, techniques, and systems including Reiki, Acupressure, the Gaia method, Reflexology, Black Pearl, energy medicine, and numerous others.

The primary intention of this method is to promote harmony and balance in an individual’s life.

Harmony is a state of equilibrium, inner peace, and alignment. It evokes a sense of being in tune with oneself and the surrounding energies.

Touch emphasizes the hands-on aspect of healing, highlighting the physical and energetic connection between the practitioner and the recipient. It is a nurturing and comforting quality.

Fusion is the integration and blending of different techniques and modalities, this method combines various approaches to create a comprehensive and harmonious healing experience.

This new class is designed to provide a unique hands-on learning experience, where the theory and practice blend seamlessly. An awesome addition to your other holistic modalities.

No prior experience or manual is required for this class. I will provide all the guidance you need, ensuring that you gain a deep understanding and mastering of the Harmony Touch Fusion Method.

The class is 7 hours long and it is all hands on. The investment is $777

You will receive a printed sheet containing a detailed step-by-step guide

There is no certificate at the end of this training.

I know you feel you need a certification, because that’s what society has taught you. That your worth is tied to the trail of paperwork, let’s change that narrative.

Truth: most people who go through a certification program but they did not embody and master what they learned, instead their goal was the certificate.