Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading & Energy Transmutation


This is an Akashic Soul Realignment Profile Reading

1:1 zoom call to discuss, final call after 21 days – you will receive a recording.

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““ In can’t say enough about the AMAZING and life shifting Soul Profile reading I received from you Candace Hawkshaw I have never had the privilege of receiving this type of insight.  It has been so powerful,  I am deeply grateful.
Reading my Soul Profile was a profound experience, it was as if I was meeting myself and it created such clarity, understanding and self acceptance.  From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you. 💚” Tessa Lyn


I want to invite you to experience, Soul Realignment

This type of reading offers insight on who you are at a soul level, it brings awareness to choices,  you made in this life and past lives that may be holding you in this life from moving forward…keep doing the same cycle over and over again.

Akashic records stores information about all the choices, our soul has ever made throughout its entire history. Now time and space doesn’t exist. In the fifth Dimension, the Akashic records are really the fifth dimensional information, super highway of the spiritual realm. So the Akashic records are not actually a single place, they’re more like the internet, you know, a giant web that is interconnected and accessible. From everywhere, all at once, regardless of physical location.

We have this massive blind spot and we really can’t see the forest for the trees. We’re sort of stuck in the middle of pattern of choice and consequence and it’s so habitual. We’re so used to it.

We can’t even see it. We can access the Akashic records,  it’s like we suddenly have this bird’s eye view of the entire pattern, going all the way back to the lifetime. Right to when the pattern originated. Now, not only can we see the energetic nature of the choices that we’ve been making, but even more importantly, we gain an understanding of our choices we made.

From my experience doing these readings the most profound epiphanies are how our choices and thoughts can affect our present lives.

Most people say “that’s exactly what has been going on with me”

Remembering that there is no judgement, we are all learning how to be who we choose to be.

How this works:

I ask for specific information from you , your full name now, your full name at birth, your place of birth and date of birth.

I then enter your Akashic records and become a detective, searching for answers such as your blocks, soul group, your essences. (without you present) This can take as much as 2 hours or more.

Once I have the answers, I will create a report and then we will meet on zoom to discuss the results. You will receive the recording.

There will be a 21 day energy clearing exercise to perform, and then we meet again on zoom to discuss your progress.

This will realign your soul and going forward you will have an awareness of the choices that you make and how it will align with who you are at a soul level. The more you align to choices and actions that are congruent to who you are at Soul Level, the more amazing life becomes.


“The question, “what is my purpose?” has been reverberating in my world for years. As I searched, read, and explored knew ideas, I reluctantly stumbled down a path I was led to, but always felt resistance toward. The Soul Realignment Reading from Candace has truly changed that. She was able to find the block – that piece of resistance that did not allow me to fully step onto my path (which was the one I was stumbling around on). She also provided me with a way of releasing the block, and assisted with the process.

The reading also included my ‘soul profile.’ The profile was extremely accurate, and consequently another very important key in helping me to understand my true purpose. I feel happy, excited about the future, and empowered to step into it!

Thank you Candace!
Love and Light,


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Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading & Energy Transmutation