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    Baby Blessing

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    Celebrating and welcoming your baby is a very special day.

    In many of the ceremonies, parents choose to read a blessing themselves or by a family member or friend or have me the officiant read one.

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    Death Walker

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    I offer gracious guidance around any kind of death and transformative loss.

    Duration : 90 MIN in person or on Zoom

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    Home/Property Land Clearing through the Akashic Records

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    This clearing will be accessed and cleared through the Akashic records.

  • House Blessings

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    After moving into a new home, some people might like to celebrate the occasion with a blessing and welcome for family and friends.

    House blessings may also be done before you move into your home so that is clear of any old energies from the previous owners.

    The amount of time will depend on the size of the house


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    How is Your Inner Fire Burning

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    Harmony Inside & Out

    Cosmic Wheel – who do you choose to be ? Who do you want to be?

    We will use tools in my toolbox that I have experienced in my life that have helped me along my path.

    My motto is “I will never ask you to do something that I have not done myself”.

    1 hour 1:1 Zoom Call or in person for 6 weeks

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    Let’s Walk & Talk in Nature

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    Walk & Talk

    Combining talking and walking with nature exposure can be a wonderful way to process things that are happening in your life.

    Duration : 90 minutes

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    Soul Realignment – Akashic Family / Friends Reading

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    I will do Soul Realignment readings for up to 5 people.

    You know, there’s nothing we all want more than for our loved ones to really understand who we are. And when you can give that understanding to your spouse, your children, your friends. It is beautiful.

  • Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading & Energy Transmutation

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    This is an Akashic Soul Realignment Profile Reading

    1:1 zoom call to discuss, final call after 21 days – you will receive a recording.

    Please fill out this form when you purchase the Soul Realignment Reading

    ““ In can’t say enough about the AMAZING and life shifting Soul Profile reading I received from you Candace Hawkshaw I have never had the privilege of receiving this type of insight.  It has been so powerful,  I am deeply grateful.
    Reading my Soul Profile was a profound experience, it was as if I was meeting myself and it created such clarity, understanding and self acceptance.  From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you. 💚” Tessa Lyn